Sometimes you'll receive a text message from Hopper. This may be to verify your account after signing up, to notify you about any schedule changes to your itinerary by the airline or to introduce our new app features and special offers. 

Here's what the text might look like:

  • "Hopper: Your itinerary has been modified by the airline. We've sent out an email to the address associated with your Hopper account so please check your inbox for details!"
  • "Hopper: We need additional information to confirm the identity of the cardholder and complete your Hopper booking A-ABC123."
  • "Hey there! 👋 Trevor from Hopper here 🐰-- Out of curiosity, did you know you purchased a Basic Economy ticket for your trip?"

Schedule change and account-related texts are only to let you know about an important email we've sent you, so please be sure to reply to us via email in case of a need.

🐰 If you receive a text about Hopper's current offers and campaigns, feel free to reply via text!

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