Refunds are always at the discretion of the airline. Your confirmation email will list whether your booking is refundable under "Cancellations" at the bottom of the receipt.

Good to know

  • 🛑 If you made your booking within the past 24 hours, you might still be eligible to cancel your booking directly in the app without penalty for a full refund. Click here for information about same-day cancellation in the app.
  • Our agreement with most lost-cost carriers such as Spirit, Frontier or Norwegian Air requires that we collect the funds directly and then forward payment to the airline from Hopper’s account. It usually takes a few business days for the airline to notify Hopper to process the refund via our payment processor. If you need a more prompt refund, simply contact us via chat through the app and send us a screenshot of the confirmation of refund provided to you by the airline.  
  • If you are cancelling due to death or illness, we may be able to apply for a goodwill refund with the airline.

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