Some airlines offer one-year future travel credits (FTC) to re-book your flights if you cancel your booking before the original departure time. To see if your booking is eligible for a future travel credit upon cancellation, simply open your trips tab on the app, select the booking you're inquiring about, and then tap "Contact Support." Our support bot RoboBear will help get you started, and then put you in touch with an agent to help you with your cancellation request. 😊

Please note that existing future travel credits can't be used towards new bookings directly in the app, but you can rebook by chatting with our support team!

Important information

  • If you've booked with a low-cost carrier, the booking is managed by the airline. You'll need to contact them directly for more information about possible travel credits.
  • Future Travel Credits are never offered by Hopper directly. Hopper can only issue credits that have been authorized by the airline.
  • Future Travel Credits are not offered for basic economy bookings.
  • The original ticket value is valid for one year from the date of issue of the original ticket and all travel must be completed within the validity period. Unused credit after this validity period will be forfeited by the airline.
  • The airline will charge a re-booking penalty of at the time of re-booking your new flights. This is usually the same penalty that they would charge to make changes to your itinerary before the original departure date as well. 
  • In addition to a rebooking penalty, the airline will also charge the difference between the original flight price that you paid and the current price of the flights you're looking to book. 
  • The credit amount is per individual ticket value and can only be used by the same passengers and on the same airline as the original booking.
  • There may be limitations to the flight routing that this credit can be applied to.

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