ūüõĎCurrent travel alerts should be updated on the website of the airline you're flying with. Be sure to always check the status of the flight before you head to the airport.¬†

From time to time, issues can come up throughout the year which may affect your travel plans.  It could be political unrest in a particular country or the suspension of flights due to the financial decline of an airline. In most cases, flights cancellations are due to severe weather patterns. 

All of these situations can be quite unpredictable and out of anyone's control and while flight cancellations are very frustrating, please understand that your safety as a passenger is the airline's top priority.

In the case that the airline informs Hopper with an advanced notice, Hopper will notify any passengers who have itineraries affected by a travel alert and provide any suitable alternative options that the airline has made available.  Depending on the severity of the situation, an airline may offer a full refund or authorization to change the itinerary at no additional cost.
In some instances, travel alerts may be sent out very close to the time of departure via email or text message directly by the airline.  Please be sure to verify your contact information with the airline and check the status of the flight before you head to the airport.

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