Same-day cancellation in the app

If you've cancelled a booking within the free cancellation period (usually within 24 hours), then the charge will either drop off from your account or you will receive a refund within about 3-10 business days.

Refundable bookings 

If you've cancelled a refundable booking, you will see a refund from the airline within about 7-10 business days, but it can sometimes take up to 2 billing cycles to post on your end.

Low-cost carriers

Our agreement with most lost-cost carriers such as Spirit Airlines or Norwegian Air requires that we collect the funds directly and then forward payment to the airline from Hopper’s account. This is why you may have seen an unfamiliar card number listed for the payment on your booking. Not to worry! We are able to process the refund via our payment processor. Simply send us the confirmation of refund provided to you by the airline and we will reimburse you promptly. 

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Same-Day Cancellation in the App

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