Search for Hotels by Destination

Start by entering your destination city in the "Where to stay?" search bar, and then select your dates:

View Your Options

Options for your selected city will come up. Tap on each option to view the hotel's details. If you'd like to be notified for a better deal, add a hotel to your watch list!

You may want to add some filters such as location, amenities, or user ratings for your search results:

Review and Book!

If you're ready to book your desired hotel, tap "Book Now" and then choose your preferred bed type. You'll then select the guests that will be staying at the hotel (you may need to add them as a traveler), and your form of payment for the purchase. Tap on "Review Details" for a full outline of the hotel's booking details, including the dates, selected bed types, hotel policies, and any extra fees.

"Swipe to Pay" and Complete the Booking Process

Once you have reviewed all of the details, and you're ready to complete the purchase, you'll need to swipe right on the "Swipe to Pay" button to authorize the purchase. If the payment and booking is accepted, you'll receive a confirmation email will your hotel details.

Good to know

  • The hotel may not have your name in their reservation system right away. Not to worry! Your room is still reserved and your name should appear in their system 72 hours before check-in.
  • Payment will be processed immediately after swiping to pay in the app. It will not be paid at the hotel.
  • Any extra fees such as premium amenities or the hotel's facilities fee (displayed on the "Review Details" page before confirming the purchase) will be charged to you directly by the hotel at the time of check-out. 
  • We are unable to change any hotel reservations.
  • Hotel are currently only offered on iPhone.

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