Worried about a tight connection or short layover on your itinerary? Opt-in for Missed Connection Compensation on selected bookings in the app! In the rare circumstance that you do miss a connecting flight, Hopper will send you the quoted compensation per traveler to cover unanticipated expenses like extra meals in the airport, a hotel stay, and transportation. 

What to do if you miss your connection due to flight delays or cancellations

If you miss your connecting flight due to a flight delay or cancellation, see an airline agent at the airport as soon as you land at your layover airport. They should be able to accommodate you on the next flight. In some cases, you may also be able to re-book directly on the airline’s app or website. Once you’ve secured your next flight, hold on to your new flight details, as you’ll need them to claim your compensation.

How to claim your Missed Connection Compensation

  1. If you have missed your connecting flight and are currently stranded at the airport, head to the Hopper app and select the trip you're currently travelling on, then select "Contact Support"  to start your claim. 
  2. Our support bot RoboBear will help get you started and then put you in touch with an agent to process your request. 
  3. Hopper will verify and send your claim via Paypal. 

Good to know

  • If you do not file your claim during your missed connection at the airport, you must file your claim within 7 days of the return date of your trip. If you're traveling on a one-way ticket, the 7-day period begins on the day you reach your final destination.
  • Missed Connection Compensation is currently only available on select bookings made on an iOS (iPhone) device.

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