Trying to book your frozen flight, but getting a no availability error? No worries - we are here to help you book your flight!

First, try these simple troubleshooting steps in the app:

  1. Instead of booking directly from your Price Freeze, head back to the search page in the app and start a new search from there.
  2. Search for the exact same flight with the same airline, origin, destination, dates, and fight times.
  3. Book the flight  and reach out to our support team via chat from your newly booked trip.
  4. Our support team will take a look at your booking and when applicable, we'll reimburse you for the difference owed!


If you receive another error when trying to book the exact flight from the search page, this means that unfortunately the seats have sold out for that flight with that airline. We're sorry about that. However, if you book an alternative flight with the exact dates, origin and destination, Hopper will honor your price freeze and still cover the difference. We understand that in this case, the flight times and airline might differ.

What if I'm getting an error and I do not find an alternative flight?

In the case that cannot book your flight due to errors and do not find a desired alternative on the same day, our support team is here to help! Please reach out to them via email at and they would be happy to take a look at your options with you. 😊 

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