Search for Flights

Enter your departure and arrival cities and select the desired airports, then select either round trip or one way. You may want to apply some filters if you'd like to reduce the length of stops or avoid basic economy fares!

Select Flights

You can select travel dates based on your budget (with green being the cheapest and red the most expensive). We will show you the lowest current available price for these dates, as well as the price predictions. If you'd like to wait for a better deal, create a Watch! Hopper will notify when there is a price change.

Review Your Flight Details

To select your departure and return flights, tap "View Flights." Once you've selected an outbound and a return flight, the Fair Bear will show you the fare details. The below example shows you what a basic economy booking might look like. To proceed with the booking, select "Continue" and add your traveler name and details.

"Swipe to Book Flight" and Complete the Booking Process

Next, add your payment method and the app will do one more check to make sure your itinerary is still available. Once you have reviewed your flight details and you're ready to purchase the flight, simply swipe to pay and complete your purchase! You will receive a notification to your email letting you know that your booking is being processed and once confirmed by the airline, you'll receive another e-mail with your itinerary, receipt and ticket number. 

To view your trip details in the app, check-in, contact support and more, simply tap on your upcoming trip!

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