How do they work? 

Hopper collects massive amounts of data, amounting to more than one billion individual, real-time flight prices each day! Our expert data science team then develops algorithms that analyze these pricing trends. These algorithms predict how flight prices will fluctuate based on what they've done in the past, and in turn power the notifications we send to you about whether to buy now or wait for a better deal.

How far in advance do we predict prices?

We encourage users to set up their watches as early as possible, but we may not send you any notifications for a while if the itinerary you're looking at is farther out - we don't want to bother you if we don't have any helpful information yet! Note that some airlines don't sell tickets further than six or nine months in advance of the travel date.

When your departure date draws a little closer and our forecasting becomes more relevant, we'll send you those helpful notifications!

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