While seat selection is not available directly in the Hopper App, you can often select your seats directly with the airline you're flying with.

Each airline handles seat selection differently. You can check your options by managing your booking on the airline's website. Depending on your airline's policies for your fare, the following  may or may not be available:

  • Advanced seat selection (sometimes subject to airline fees)
  • Seat selection at check-in
  • Seats automatically assigned by the airline
  • Preferred seats for an extra fee

Good to know

  • While seat selection may be available, the airline may charge a fee to do so.
  • Seat selection may not always be available and some airlines only assign seats at the gate.
  • Seat selection is not permitted for basic economy bookings and you will often not be able to sit next to accompanying passengers on your ticket for these fares. For more information about this, please see your airline's website.

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