Airlines and other travel partners are continually reviewing and updating their COVID-19 policies. If you are not due to travel within the next 72 hours, we recommend that you wait before contacting us to ensure we have the latest policy information from your airline. 

As an online travel agency, we unfortunately do not have any influence on an airline's flight schedules. Schedule changes can happen from time to time when the carrier must adjust their schedule, route, or aircraft. Hopper will notify you about the flight cancellations or airline-imposed schedule changes both in the app and/or by email. Look for this pop-up in the app and be sure to check any emails you receive from Hopper:

If you receive an email about a schedule change, it may require a response from you. It's important to review the schedule change details and follow the directions in the email.

Good to know

  • If you have questions about an airline schedule change, feel free to leave a message for our support team by tapping "Other requests" directly from your trip in the app!
  • If you had a paid seat or other upgrade associated with your original flight, you'll need to contact the airline directly to ensure they'll be transferred over to your new flights.
  • Once the schedule change is complete, any future changes you need to make to your flight will be subject to the original ticket rules and restrictions.
  • If the airline has made a last-minute schedule change or cancellation and your departure is within the next 72 hours, Hopper will attempt to reach you by phone and email.
  • Low-cost carriers manage their own bookings and are responsible for contacting you. For these bookings, your Hopper confirmation code will usually begin with a "Z-" (example Z-ABCDEFG).
  • If you believe that you have not been contacted about a schedule change for your flight, feel free to contact our support team directly from your trip in the app!

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