Plan ahead! 

You will need a government-issued form of identification to check in, proceed through airport security, and board your flight. Please ensure that the traveler information you entered into the Hopper app when booking perfectly matches this ID.

For many international flights, you will need a valid passport to travel and pass through immigration and customs. Additionally, some international trips require visas or other special travel documentation. It is your responsibility to research and secure any required visas or other travel documentation prior to your flight. 

Please note that Hopper is not liable for any issues caused by incorrect or invalid traveler information such as a misspelled name or incorrect birth date entered at the time of booking. Furthermore, Hopper is not liable for any issues caused by a failure to research and obtain the proper ID and/or required documents to travel.

🛑 You may be denied boarding if:

  • Your passport is expired or will be expiring soon.
  • You do not have an approved form of ID on your person at the time of boarding.
  • Your ID does not match the name or birth date on your booking or boarding pass exactly.
  • The form of ID does not meet the requirements of the airline, airport, or governing authority of your origin or destination.
  • You do not have the Visa, Transit Visa, or other documents required for your trip.

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