If you've entered your traveler name incorrectly for your booking, it cannot be resolved by editing your name in the app. Please reach out to support from your trip in the app with a copy of your official travel document (passport if flying international or ID if flying domestic).  We'll need to contact the airline for authorization to make a correction, and if authorized, we would be happy to help process a name correction for you. 

Please note that name corrections are NOT permitted in these cases:

  • If your booking is eligible for free same-day cancellation
  • If your itinerary includes multiple airlines or code-share flights
  • If your departure is within 24 hours
  • If you have partially flown on your trip

Good to know

  • Name correction/transfer policies vary by the airline and are not always permitted.
  • The airline may charge a fee to process the name correction, or in some cases, refund the original ticket and require that you purchase a new ticket at the current price.
  • If you're flying with a low-cost carrier, you will need to contact them directly. For these reservations, your Hopper confirmation code will generally start with a "Z-" (example Z-ABCDEFG).
  • Be sure to update edit your traveler information in the app to avoid any future booking issues.

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