Booking with Hopper is quick, easy, and secure. These flights are real. These prices are real. There are no hidden fees or gotcha charges. Most importantly, we are an accredited travel agency, which means there are real humans behind Hopper who can help you with your booking.

Your privacy, trust and security are extremely important to us at Hopper. We take all appropriate measures to ensure your account and personal information are secure. This includes:

  • Securely handling your password without ever storing it.

  • Encrypting all of your stored personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Using encrypted communication channels when dealing with third-party services.

  • Never sending your PII to a third party unless required for handling your existing booking. In necessary cases, Hopper will anonymize your data first, protecting your sensitive account data from third-party security breaches.

  • Processing your payment through a certified PCI Service Provider with the most stringent level of security and compliance certification.

  • Maintaining certification as an accredited travel agency.

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