We hope to always find you with the best deals around! Unfortunately, if you do happen to find a better deal elsewhere, or if the price of your flight drops after booking, we are unable to price match. We know how frustrating it can be to see this, but ticket prices are always 100% set by the airline - not Hopper. 

Good to know

When you purchase a ticket, you are essentially buying a class of service in a certain price bracket, which is what determines how much your ticket costs. This is why you will see economy tickets available at many different prices for the same flight and seats. The class of service also determines how restrictive the fare rules are on the ticket. As the calendar gets closer to the date of the flight, the classes of service on the flight become uniformly more expensive, or might occasionally drop in price! This means that if you see a price drop in the app for a flight, it might be a different class of service than the ticket you originally purchased.

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