Once you're ready to book a trip in the app, you'll need to add the passengers or guests as "Travelers" in the app. Here's how!

Head to your setting and tap on "Travelers."

 From here, you can add a new traveler, or edit/delete an existing traveler. 

Make sure that your name, birthday, and gender is entered exactly as it appears on your passport or other travel ID, otherwise you could face boarding issues at the airport. You may also add optional assistance (wheelchair, etc.) as well as any traveler numbers you may have (Nexus, TSA Precheck, etc.).

If you'd like to remove a traveler from your profile, tap on "Delete."

Here's how to add a traveler online, if you're booking a hotel our our website:

Tap on the ‘Add new traveler’ button and enter the guest’s full name as it appears on their ID that they will use to check in. Ensure that the date of birth is accurate and then tap save.

After you've added your travelers, you'll need to select the guest that will be checking in to the room. Please note that only one name is saved on the reservation and so this must be the guest who will be checking in. For security purposes, the hotel receptionist will likely ask to see a photo ID.

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