Sometimes when you attempt to book a flight in the app, the airline will place the credit card authorization for the purchase before the booking has been confirmed and processed. This is why you might see a pending charge in your account. If a booking is unsuccessful and cannot be confirmed by the airline, the pending authorization charge will be removed from your account within a few business days.

If your booking is showing as "Pending" status in the app, please be sure to check your email, as it's likely that our Account Security team needs to verify the cardholder before confirming the booking and completing the transaction. 

Good to know

If you have booked multiple passengers on a booking, the airline will often place individual charges for each ticket issued.


A veces, cuando tratas de reservar un vuelo a través de la app, la aerolínea procesa la autorización de pago antes de confirmar la reserva. Por eso, es posible que veas un cargo pendiente en tu cuenta. Cuando una reserva no es exitosa, este cobro es automáticamente revertido.

Si tu reserva se muestra como "Pending", asegúrate de revisar tu correo electrónico, ya que es probable que nuestro equipo de Seguridad de la cuenta necesite verificar al titular de la tarjeta antes de confirmar la reserva y completar la transacción.


Si has reservado para varios pasajeros, muchas veces la aerolínea procesa cobros individuales por cada boleto emitido.

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