What is Price Freeze?

Never miss out on a flight deal again with Hopper’s Price Freeze feature! Simply pay a small deposit to freeze the price on Hopper for a short window (1 - 14 days) so that you can come back to book it at a more convenient time. You’ll be able to use this full deposit towards any flight booked through Hopper within your Price Freeze window.

How do I buy a Price Freeze?

When available, you’ll be offered a Price Freeze both after you’ve selected your itinerary and also just before swiping to pay. If you decide to opt in, you’ll be able to review the price that you’ve frozen, as well as the total amount to pay at that time. Simply “Swipe to Freeze” and you’ll receive a confirmation email indicating the details of your Price Freeze.

How much is the deposit to freeze a price? 

Depending on variables such as the route, availability, and demand levels, the Price Freeze deposit price will vary. You’ll be reimbursed your full deposit after you book that particular flight, or any flight on Hopper within your Price Freeze window.

Will I get my deposit back?

If you book any flight within your Price Freeze expiration, yes, you'll get your deposit back! Depending on the situation, your deposit amount will either be automatically applied to your new booking at checkout or refunded back to your credit card. In the case that you do not book a flight within that same time frame, the Price Freeze deposit is non-refundable.

How long can a price be frozen?

You can freeze your price for up to 14 days, depending on variables such as the route, availability, and demand levels.

How do I use my Price Freeze?

If you've purchased a Price Freeze, you'll receive a confirmation email indicating the details of the itinerary that you have frozen a price for, as well as the expiration time (in Eastern Standard Time) of the Price Freeze. If you decide to go ahead and book the flights before the expiration time is up, here's what to do:

1. Tap on the flight that you've purchased a Price Freeze for to start the unfreeze process.

2. Continue with the booking process and purchase your flight at the current shown price. If the flight is no longer available, you can use your price freeze deposit towards any other flights in the app. 

3. If the price has increased, you will either pay the frozen price (or reduced up to your maximum refund cap) at check out, or our support team will reach out to you to process a refund of the difference in price up to your refund upper limit shortly after you book. Depending on the booking, the price difference could be reimbursed to you in 2 different ways:

  • Directly at check out in the app or
  • After booking. In this case, you will need to pay the full price up front in then app, but our support team will reach out to you shortly after booking to help process a refund of the price difference up to your maximum refund amount.

5. If the price happens to have decreased, simply book at the lower price - you'll still get your deposit back!

What do I do if I'm getting an error while trying to use my Price Freeze?

Sorry about that error! Check out this article for how to troubleshoot this issue.

Good to know

  • Your Price Freeze may be subject to a maximum refund amount. Hopper will cover a maximum price difference of the threshold communicated to you for your booking (when applicable). You can find the threshold details for your Price Freeze in your confirmation email under "Price Differences and Deposit Refunds."
  • The frozen price is valid only for the number of passengers indicated at the time of purchasing a Price Freeze.
  • If you decide not to book, the Price Freeze will simply expire at the indicated time and no further action is required. Please note that the Price Freeze deposit is nonrefundable if you don't book within the freeze duration.
  • Refunds for price differences will be applied automatically at the time of booking or processed via PayPal.
  • Please note that Hopper takes flight availability into account. If Price Freeze is not available for your itinerary, the flight may be at risk of selling out. In these cases, it is recommended to book. In instances where something goes wrong and your frozen flight has no more availability, we will find you a reasonable alternative and reimburse you the difference up to your maximum refund amount.
  • Terms and Conditions can be viewed here.

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