Ready to book but afraid to miss a better price in the future? Hopper never stops looking out for the best prices for you - even after you’ve purchased your flights! For select flights, Price Drop Guarantee has you covered, totally free of charge. If the price of your flight drops within 10 days after booking, you’ll get up to $30 USD of Hopper Credit to use towards your next flight booking within 3 months.  

How to redeem your Hopper Credit

If you book another flight within 3 months of receiving Hopper Credit from Price Drop Guarantee, Hopper will reimburse you the credit owed towards the new booking via PayPal. After booking a new trip, you’ll receive an email from our support team outlining the details of your refund.

Does Hopper charge a fee for Price Drop Guarantee?

No, Price Drop Guarantee is a completely free service offered by Hopper! No need to opt-in either - we’ll automatically keep an eye out for any price drops within 10 days of booking your flight. 

Good to know

  • Price Drop Guarantee is only offered on select bookings in the app.
  • Price Drop Guarantee applies for 10 days after booking and only to prices that are available for booking in the Hopper app. Please note that if you cancel or modify your booking within the 10-day period, Price Drop Guarantee will no longer apply.
  • Price Drop Guarantee only applies to price drops on the exact same flight itinerary as purchased (same airline, fare class, travel dates, origin and destination). 
  • Hopper Credit is subject to a maximum rebate of $30 USD per booking. Hopper Credit has no cash value. 
  • Hopper Credit is valid for a 90-day period and any unused credit will expire after this period. 
  • Price Drop Guarantee is currently only offered for iOS (iPhone) and does not cover hotel bookings.
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