With Hopper’s Missed Connection plan, we will cover the costs of the new connecting flight if you need to rebook a new one!


What should I do if I missed my connection and I need to rebook?

If you miss a connecting flight and need to book a new flight, open the Hopper app and tap on your trip. On the bottom of the trip summary screen under "Get Help," tap on “Rebook a Connection" to re-book your new flights.

If you're having trouble re-booking your flight, we encourage you to try again in the app, as it can sometimes take a few tries! If it's still not working, feel free to reach out out to our support team for help by tapping "Other Requests" and following the prompts from there.

Do I have to pay for my new flight?

You won't need to pay anything to rebook your flight. However, if you bought any add-ons like baggage or seats, you'll have to rebook these through the airline, so be sure to contact the airline.

What if I miss more than one connection?

While we hope this doesn’t happen, please note that your Missed Connection Rebooking plan is valid for only one (1) missed connection per trip per traveler. 

If I rebooked a connecting flight with Hopper, what happens with my luggage?

If you missed a connecting flight and rebooked a new one with Hopper, you’ll need to retrieve and recheck any luggage on your new flight. Please speak with the airline to get assistance with this.

If I rebooked a connecting flight with Hopper, what happens with my return flights?

If you missed a connection on any of your outbound flights, the airline may cancel your return flights if you skip the airline’s rebooking option and decide to rebook your new connection in the app. No worries! If you need to rebook new return flights, Hopper will cover the cost, as long as you keep the same return destination. It is always good to chat with the airline first before rebooking any return flights.

Good to know

  • Please note that the fee to add Missed Compensation Plan to your booking is nonrefundable, even in the case that you cancel your flight within the free cancellation window or if your flight is cancelled by the airline.

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