Worried about your flight being delayed? Opt-in for Hopper’s Flight Delay Plan on selected bookings in the app! If your flight gets delayed or is canceled by the airline, you can re-book a different flight at no additional cost, or receive a refund with our rebooking 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do I use my Flight Delay Plan?

If your flight is delayed on your departure day and you need to use your plan, simply open the Hopper app and tap “Other Requests” from the bottom of your trip summary. From there, tap on "Flight Delay Plan" and our team will handle the rest!

When am I able to use my Flight Delay plan?

To be eligible to use your Flight Delay plan, the flight delay must occur on the day of your scheduled departure. Please view the terms and conditions for additional details on all plan eligibility.

What if more than one flight is delayed during my trip?

While we hope this doesn’t happen, please note that the plan only covers one (1) flight delay per trip per traveler.

Good to know

  • Please note that the fee to add Flight Delay Plan to your booking is nonrefundable, even in the case that you cancel your flight within the free cancellation window or if your flight is cancelled by the airline.

  • If you are eligible to re-book a flight under your plan, you’ll need to retrieve and recheck any luggage on your new flight. Please speak with the airline to get assistance with this.

  • If your plan allows you to book a new outbound flight with Hopper, the airline may cancel your return flight under their no-show policy. No worries! If you need to re-book a new return flight, Hopper will cover the ticket cost, as long as you keep the same return destination.

  • Any compensation or refunds are processed via PayPal. In order to process your request, you will need to provide us with the email address associated with your PayPal account. Don’t have a PayPal account? Set one up in minutes by visiting PayPal.com. It’s fast and free!

  • Hopper’s Flight Delay Plan is currently only available on select bookings.

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