Want to skip the wait queue and access travel support for your booking with the touch of button? For a small fee, you can now add VIP Support to your flight or hotel booking with Hopper!

How to add VIP Support to your booking:

Before completing your purchase, simply leave the the "Add VIP Support" option toggled on and it will be added to your booking. If you do not wish to add this to your booking, you can toggle it off before swiping to complete the transaction.

How to access VIP Support:

If you've added VIP Support to your booking and need to get in touch with our Customer Support Team, simply tap on your trip in the app and select "VIP Support" under "Get Help." Leave a message from there and an agent will be with you shortly to help out!

Good to know

  • VIP Support is currently only available on iOS (iPhone).
  • If you meant to opt out of VIP Support and would like a refund for the fee, feel free to leave a message for the team and they'd be happy to issue a refund for the fee.
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