What is Combo Coverage?

Combo Coverage is our free protection for Combo Flights, which are itineraries that combine flights from multiple airlines to give you cheaper trip options.

With Hopper’s free Combo Coverage, you are protected from unexpected changes like flight delays, flight cancellations, or airline schedule changes! Depending on the situation, Hopper will offer you an alternative flight to your final destination at no additional cost, or a full or partial refund.

How to redeem your Combo Coverage:

If your booking came with Combo Coverage and you need to redeem the free protection, open the trip in the Hopper app and select "More Options." From here, select "Other" from the request type options and describe your situation. An agent will review your request and get back to you shortly with a resolution.

When Combo Coverage will apply to your booking:

  • If checked baggage is allowed on your Combo Flight and your baggage is delayed, causing you to miss your connecting flight.
  • If one of your flights is rescheduled, delayed, or cancelled by the airline and because of this, you miss a connecting flight and the airline does not offer an alternative flight. This excludes Force Majeure situations (see below).*
  • If you miss your connecting flight due to immigration and customs delays.

When Combo Coverage will not apply to your booking:

  • If you are late to check-in for your flight.
  • If you have a connection between two flights that have the same reservation confirmation number.
  • If you miss a flight because you do not have the correct visa or travel documents for your layover airport.
  • If you are denied boarding due to a breach of the terms and conditions of the carrier
  • Whenever a Force Majeure situation applies (see below).*

*Examples of a Force Majeure Situation where Combo Coverages wouldn't apply:

  • Extreme weather conditions, Earthquakes, or Volcanic activity
  • Pandemics
  • Political instability
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Air traffic controller strikes
  • Carrier insolvency

Good to know

  • Combo Flights always involve 2 or more separate tickets, meaning your flights will be ticketed separately and you will receive a unique confirmation number for each flight.
  • Hopper provides Combo Coverage free of charge on all Combo Flights. You will see the coverage listed in your confirmation email.
  • Combo Flights require that you check-in separately for each leg of your trip.
  • Combo Coverage is currently only available on Combo Flight bookings and is not available for purchase.
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